Currently the grapes of SBC fields are growing day by day getting size and showing shape. So far we are expecting our season from week 43 until week 2 with our 3 varieties:

  • Red globe We expect to start on week 44
  • Sugraone We expect to start with the first window on week 44 and the second one 49
  • We expect to harvest on week 49 to 51

About Niño Phenomenon, everything are calm, it was suppose there is that cold current got in from the south to the north, but according to NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.) the probabilities are still intact to have a niño. (between moderate and strong). Influence´s areas are North of Peru, basically Piura and high possibilities Chiclayo.

Pictures of our grapes…

Our campaign will start on week 44 until week 2. The beginning will be with Red Globe and Sugraone. These pictures belong to lote number 3.

Imagen1    Imagen2    Imagen3    Imagen4

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