In July 2010, SBC acquired a 235 Ha, in the north of Peru, in the Nepeña valley, in the “Tierra Firme” area, which was destined to the production of grapes for export. The same year the works to prepare the field we performed and water and electricity access was built.

In February 2011, the planting of 140 ha of Red Globe grape started and in 2012 continued with 40 ha of Sugraone, 10 ha of Crimson and 10 ha of Italia.

According to the legend, when the Incas dominated these lands, they called all the Caciques (chiefs of the communities) to destine the crops of that valley to something special. There was a visionary Inca, who thought to plant a rare species that he saw in a dream. This Inca delimited the land to the west with a stone fence of several kilometers; unfortunately, his death arrived before, delaying indefinitely that dream.

Currently, this fence makes part of the northern limit of our land and under it lay the vines. Maybe this would be the rare species that the Inca once dreamed to plant 500 year ago.          

During the works on the field, the “Bastón del VARAYOC” was found. This is a leadership symbol that the Varayoc (the person who performed the role of mayor and who guaranteed the correct development of the community) used as a cane. This cane makes part of our land; therefore, in honor of the finding, the land was named “Fundo Varayoc”.