Sang Barrents’s Company SAC (SBC) is a grape producer-exporter company in Peru, a country located in the western part of the South American continent, extending from the equatorial line to the border with Chile, with a coast of 2200 km long to the Pacific Ocean. Thanks to its location and other variables, Peru has climatic conditions that allow it to harvest grapes for the celebration of the most important celebrations at the international level as Thanks Giving Day, Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year.

Our land (fundo Varayoc) is located 420 km north of Lima, in the district of Nepeña, department of Ancash, in a central area between the main grape producer areas in Peru. Our climatic conditions grant us the possibility to focus our harvest according to the requirements of the market, been able to ship as the Piura region and finish as the Ica region, offering fresh fruit to our clients during four months from the same field.

The two main shipping ports for refrigerated containers in Peru are Callao (main for Lima) and Paita (in Piura), that offer different options for transit to the different markets. Our location allow us to use both ports for our shipments without significant differences I costs, therefore we can opt for the most efficient service to the market of destination.