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9 kg. Boxes

Cardboard boxes with plastic clamshells, required by certain supermarkets in the United States as well as in England.
Normally they are packed in 4lb clamshells for seedless grapes and 5lb for Red Globe.

8.2 kg. Boxes

Traditional format for all markets. Normally cardboard is used for the United States and Europe in general.
Plastic boxes are used for all other markets worldwide. Each box contains 9 clusters.

5 kg. Boxes

Special format made of cardboard for seedless grapes in 1lb clamshells.
Highly demanded by German discounters.

4.5 kg. Boxes

European format made of cardboard for seedless or seeded grapes.
Demanded by certain supermarkets and for the wholesale markets all over Europe.
Each box contains 6 clusters.